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The NRP hosts VOC Microbiology Symposium in May


ELSA researchers helped organise a Microbiology Society-funded thematic symposium on the Microbiology of Volatile Organic Compounds at the JIC Conference Centre 25-26th May 2022.

An international gathering of around 60 microbiologist with expertise in the microbial metabolism of VOCs and related compounds including methanol, acetaldehyde, dimethylsulfide, carbon monoxide isoprene, alkenes, methane and other alkanes, chlorinated alkanes and methylated amines spent two days exploring the biogeochemical cycles, metabolism and biotechnology of these compounds all of which are used as growth substrates for microbes that are found in diverse marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. The organisers, Terry McGenity (University of Essex), Marcela Hernandez (in this photo providing closing remarks for the meeting) and Colin Murrell (UEA), were delighted to host this in-person meeting supported by the Microbiology Society and were especially pleased to see the participation of a number of early career researchers from the Norwich Research Park.

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