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Microbes in Norwich 2023


ELSA was pleased to help both organise and sponsor the 2023 Biennial Microbes in Norwich Symposium held at the John Innes Conference Centre on 9th February 2023. Laura Lehtovirta-Morley, Marcela Hernandez and Colin Murrell were part of the Norwich Research Park team who helped set up the programme for this fantastic gathering of microbiologists from all partner institutions on the campus. There are around 70 microbiology research groups across the NRP and this one-day symposium enabled around 270 microbiologists to attend research seminars which showcased the depth and breadth of microbiology of many flavours and particularly that of newly established microbiologists, including Marcela, who outlined her fascinating new research projects on microbial growth on trace gases and how this activity enables soil formation on volcanic rocks. Early career scientists also presented over 50 posters which were also of a fantastic standard, making for an outstanding day of science, starting with Ray Dixon from JIC who gave a career journey through the genetics of nitrogen fixation, through to the Keynote Lecture by Josh Neufeld, University of Waterloo, Canada (pictured above) who outlined some exciting new research from his lab on the evolution of microbial photosynthesis.