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ELSA Workshop: Metagenomics


We invite you to participate in this Virtual Workshop on Metagenomics and related techniques on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 at 2-4:30 pm.

A large number of research groups across the Norwich Research Park are exploring the distribution and diversity of microbes in many environments using high throughput sequencing and metagenomics. This ELSA Workshop is designed to bring together various scientific communities across Campus to show-case their work and the various postgenomics approaches used and to discuss and share their ideas, techniques and analytical methods. The Workshop will be of particular interest to early career researchers who wish to gain an appreciation of the breadth and depth of expertise in metagenomics across the NRP and will bring together researchers working in terrestrial and aquatic microbiology, marine sciences, on plant-microbe interactions, and human and animal microbiomes and viromes, to share ideas and know-how. This will be the first of several workshops in which Group Leaders across the NRP will present an overview of their research and scientific approaches using metagenomics and related techniques. We hope that follow-up workshops will offer opportunities for early career researchers to present their work and facilitate networking and collaborations.

 To register to attend, please express your interest to Prof Colin Murrell at J.C.Murrell@uea.ac.uk


14.00   Introduction and Welcome (Colin Murrell)

Session 1: Environment-associated microbiomes (Chair: Falk Hildebrand)

14.05   Matt Hutchings (JIC)              Understanding the formation of defensive

microbiomes in insects and plants

14.15   Alison Mather (QIB)               Metagenomics approaches to quantifying the burden

of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain

14.25   Thomas Mock (UEA)               From pole to pole: how does the seascape impact algal

microbiomes in the global ocean?

14.35   Evelien Adriaenssens (QIB)    Not all viruses are bad: bacteriophages for gut health


14.45   Questions and Discussions


Session 2: Clinical metagenomics and methodologies (Chair: Alison Mather)

14.55   Richard Leggett (EI)                In-field and real-time metagenomics using nanopore


15.05   Falk Hildebrand (QIB/EI)        Evolution and persistence of human associated


15.15   Justin O’Grady (QIB)               Clinical metagenomics – one test to rule them all?

15.25   Marcela Hernandez (UEA)      Genome-resolved metagenomics of natural gas-

consuming bacteria


15.35   Questions and Discussions


Session 3: Plenary Lecture (Chair: Colin Murrell)

15:55   Josh Neufeld (Canada)

Diving into wastewater nitrification through novel metagenomic analyses

(Josh is a renowned molecular microbial ecologist, Professor in the Department of Biology, University of Waterloo, Canada and newly appointed joint Chief Editor of the ISME Journal)

16.30   Final Discussions and planning for the next Workshop