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ELSA at ISME-18 and the C1-GRC


ELSA Lab members were very well represented at the International Society for Microbial Ecology Symposium in Lausanne, Switzerland in August.

Laura Letovirta-Morley’s team presented posters on a variety of aspects of the nitrogen cycle, annamox and ammonia oxidising archaea which attracted a lot of attention from a number of the 2,100 delegates at ISME-18. Colin Murrell’s team presented work on bacterial isoprene metabolism and co-oxidation of isoprene. Pictured on the right is Robin Dawson giiving his flash poster presentation on the global isoprene sink and pathways used by bacteria to consume this climate-active gas. Our latest PI in ELSA, Marcela Hernandez had her abstract chosen for an offered talk and she is seen on the right presenting her findings on gaseous alkane degraders at natural gas seeps. The previous week she presented her new work on carbon monoxide utilizers in volcanic soils in an invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Microbial Growth on one carbon compounds. Andrew Crombie also gave an invited talk at C1-GRC on his detailed molecular work on methanol metabolism in Methylocella. Coin Murrell was also in attendance and received a long-service certificate for not having missed a C1 meeting since 1980!